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Hybrid cycles: A perfect combination of mountainand roadbike

by anonymous

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If you are thinking of reviving your love for cycling and buying a new bike, then it is the right time to hit the stores. Gone are the days when a regular biker had no choice, but to choose from either a heavy mountain bike or a road bike. Today, we have number of bikes that are being designed to ride in different types of trails. Hybrid cycles are the latest entrants in the category of modern bikes. As the name suggests these bikes incorporate good features of both the mountain bikes as well as road bikes. In short, these are hybrids between the two classes of cycles. This new breed is gaining popularity among the recreational group of cycling enthusiasts all over the world.

Hybrid cycles are fast, sturdy as well as comfortable to ride on streets and hilly terrain. They have characteristics of both mountains as well as road bikes that make it ideal for riding in every type of trail. These bikes are comfortable in riding like road bikes and come with an upright frame just like in mountain bikes. If you are still confused about the critical bike parts and the overall speed and performance then need not worry because hybrid bikes provide greater stability, durability and performance levels on different trails. 

The basic structure of any hybrid bike is made to overcome and tackle obstacles one can face while riding in hilly trails and smooth trails. They are smartly designed with wider tires to provide better traction and stability. These bikes are comparatively light in weight for travelling in hilly regions. They are designed particularly with a stouter frame body to handle load and absorb shocks while riding on unpaved paths.

The horizontal bars of these bikes are made for comfortable riding. It comes with many gears like a mountain bike, so riding in hills shouldn’t be a struggle. Its gears and brakes on the horizontal handle bars provide comfort while riding on difficult trails. Many hybrid bike models come with kits like racks and mudguards making it a popular choice amongst the commuters.

If you are new to cycling and searching for a best option in bikes to ride on hilly areas as well as flat trails then hybrid cycles is an excellent choice. These bikes are a perfect blend of comfort and speed for the user. They can be used for riding to work and hitting the trail on the weekends together. These two are entirely different events and most of the cyclists’ do a bit of both. In short, hybrid bikes can go off and on the road depending on your commuting routes.

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