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How To Restore Windows 8

by maddyacca

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It is a fairly common practice to restore your operating system running Windows 8 to an earlier state. Proves to be life saver if you have installed a wrong software that is corrupting your system files or in case of a virus attack. In such cases you run to reset it to previous settings, the first and most useful option is definitely system restore! To access this option go to Control Panel > System and Security > System. System Restore comes under the system protection feature. If it is not already turned on, then you can alter it by using the Configure option. For system restore configuration, go to Control Panel.

Step 1: Make a restore point

This isn’t absolutely necessary to do since Windows 8 completes this step for you when it runs Updates and maintenance applications. However, you can still create a restore point stepwise. When you reach the System Protection dialog box, type in a name for your restore point and hit “Create”. That restore point will be created.You can also get rid of any restore point by deleting it using the same Configure option.

Step 2: Restore system from a restore point


In case you did some damage to your Windows by installing a certain software or program and now you want to do some mending by taking your system to its earlier undamaged state. When you click the System Restore button you will have two options; either you restore it from there which is recommended by Windows or you can opt for a different restore point from where you can bring back your system.Before your system is restored, you will be given a scanned affected programs list that shows what programs are going to be deleted or affected in the process.If you have any other way of doing it, let me know in the comments section.

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