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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

by anonymous

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It's important to worry about the words you write. Whether you write non-fiction books, novels or poetry, you should make sure that the rights to your work are secured. Simply because someone purchases a copy of your book does not mean that they should be able to copy and distribute it any number of times. A PDF secured is a book that won't get copied any more than you want it to. Using software such as Adobe rights management, you'll be able to make money from your work without having to worry about copies being passed around for free.

DRM for ebooks is something that any writer or publisher should look into. Digital rights management allows you to specify what can be done with your work. If you'll allow for one copy for personal use, you can specify that. Or, if you only want your book to be read on one machine at a time, you can do that too. Whatever level of rights management you choose, know that doing it right means getting the right software.

A program like Adobe rights management will help you every step of the way. You will feel confident that a sale of your ebook will be just that: one sale of one ebook. DRM for ebooks assures you that with every new reader, you will get paid for your work.

PDF secured means that your ebook will mimic the qualities of a physical book. It can only be read by one person at one time. It can still be "loaned," but only if a person shares the machine the document is on. If paperbacks were able to be copied and distributed so easily, publishing companies would have long ago discovered a way to make this impossible.

DRM isn't a dirty word. It simply protects the work that you've spent so much of your time on. If you're simply giving your book away for free, there's no need to worry about it. However, if you're trying to get compensated for all of your hard work, then getting the proper software to protect your hard work is the only way to assure you get all your money, not just a portion of it.


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