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Know the process of conveyancing in the UK

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Buying or selling property in the UK is a long and complex process. Housing prices are a major problem and the added legal paperwork can make it more difficult for new buyers to buy property. Thanks to the UK Conveyancing system that allows any property buyer or seller to relax in the entire process as the deal is carried out by licensed residential solicitors. The legal process of transferring ownership titles from the seller to the buyer is called conveyancing. It involves two parties’ buyer and seller with their respective conveyancers for the deal.


Nowadays with world going online for major business solutions, conveyancing has also adopted the way to attract customers all over the world. It is now possible to hire the services of any professional conveyancing firm in the UK from anywhere for smooth property dealings. It is usually carried out by interested buyers by searching for good online conveyancing firms. They can request for an instant online quote from any company website by filling their details. They can even compare the conveyancing quotes from different companies and then finalize the one they like.


The entire process is carried out in three landmark stages, which are before the contract, before the completion and after completion stages. To make a successful deal it is very important to hire a licensed and reputed solicitor. Normally it takes around three months to complete a conveyance transaction. However, this can vary depending on different associated legal, financial or personal factors. Many deals have suffered because of gazumping a prevalent practice in the UK. It is nothing but a practice of seller pulling out before the exchange of contracts, which proves to be a great loss for potential buyers as they have already paid for surveys and conveyance services. There are ways to reduce this problem and one of them is time. Fast sale process gives less time for sellers to pull out or choose a higher bidder for their property. Other ways include keeping in touch with the seller’s attorney and telling him about your interest in the sale. Buyer can request the seller to take the house off from the market after accepting a bid. This will avoid other people to bid on the same house leading to gazumping. In all these cases it is advised to use online conveyancing services in the UK to avoid reducing the costs involved.

Thus, conveyancing process plays a crucial role in getting your dream house without any legal hassles. So just sit back and relax while your residential solicitors are carrying out the deal for you.

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