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Getting Boat CE Marking to Enter World’s Largest Market

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The European Union (EU) is the largest single market in the world, which means that a considerable number of products enter the EU on a regular basis. From agricultural products and unprocessed goods to manufactured machineries, the diversity of EU’s imports is surely notable. However, to enter the EU market, one has to meet certain standards to ensure the safety of the EU consumers.

Mandatory European Marking

The CE (Conformité Européenne or European Conformity) marking is among the most basic requirements that a product must have to enter the EU market. Such marking on any merchandise serves as a tangible proof that a specific product meets the standards established through EU legislation. This is particularly useful for imported automobiles—land vehicles, aircrafts, and water vessels—because it helps regulate the entry of products based on consumer safety and environmental effects.

CE Marking Acquisition

So how can you acquire such a marking? How can your boat be certified so that it can be sold or used in the EU market? There are many standards that boat manufacturers should strive to meet, but here are a couple of essential factors that you should concern yourself with. These are among the most important considerations because they have much to do about the type of seafaring vessel that you have and how it can affect its users and the environment.

Craft Identification. Your boat CE marking should come with a craft identification number (CIN). The CIN contains the manufacturer’s code, unique serial number, year of production, model year, and the country where it was manufactured. With a CIN, your craft can easily be identified and traced when modifications have to be made and if there are serious concerns about it.

Fuel System. Your craft’s fuel system will also be identified and assessed and the results will dictate whether you can get a boat CE marking. In general, the goal of manufacturers is to significantly minimize the probability of fires and explosions. This means that fuel lines, hoses, tanks and storage units should be secured and placed at a considerable distance from any sources of heat.

EU member states put prime importance in the protection of their citizens and natural environment. If you want to earn a boat CE marking, visit the websites of trusted certifiers. For more information about CE marking, visit

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