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How Pixpa Makes it Easier To Create Portfolio Websites

by pixpadesign

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Are you a professional or amateur photographer looking for the perfect portfolio website where you can display your pictures to future clients? Whether you photograph birds, weddings or raindrops it seems that finding the best place to store snapshots that are unique to your style and your image, need to be preserved and shared in a nice portfolio. Not those old-fashioned things you haul around in your car, but a portfolio that can be seen all over the world. Artists hang paintings on wobbly-legged easels only to see the wind whipping corners of their work or getting knocked down completely. Perhaps you’ve tried many different website programs and photography sharing sites only to find out they’re complicated and not very easy to maintain. On top of everything else, many of them are expensive and they take forever to download because of the size of the photos. Even though you’re patient, you’d still rather spend your time zooming onto a bumblebee’s wings than worry about a website.

Finally, there’s Pixpa. It’s a photography site with various preset designs that are easy to maintain and customize. You can add your own logo and you don’t have to wait for a web developer to come and change the colors, fonts or anything else. You will have full control of a spectrum of options that you can change anytime. The Pixpa site was created by photographers and artists in mind so they can show all of their creative work by publishing it online and making it available for sale to anyone in the world. It’s a search engine friendly site that will help you build your brand, as in create a name for yourself. It will be perfect for you because you’re a busy photographer who doesn’t have time to mess with computer software and web building programs.

Try it out for free and see for yourself. Though there is a charge, once you see the museum quality professionalism involved and the easy capability of linking it to other desirable pages, you will find it extraordinarily affordable. Each facet of your business can be shown with a different slide or imbedded video. It can feature cake photos, dress photos, locations, receptions etc. Share your best shots in the unlimited galleries that will take your creativity to a whole new level. All while you take everyone’s breath away with vivid and beautiful samples of your work. In fact, the only limitations are those of your own making—in your imagination.

There are monthly and yearly subscriptions and your photos will appear on mobile devices, iPads and iPhones. You’ll be able to share your work on social media sites all over the world and connect to blogs and other websites. All while having your work protected under the Pixpa platform. You owe it to yourself to check it out and see the simple professional styles in our gallery today. Finally Pixpa makes it Easier to Create Portfolio Websites.

Pixpa lets you to create smart online portfolio for photographers, designers and artists to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.


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