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Buy diamonds only when you know about them

by anonymous

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There are a lot of things that one must keep in mind while buying diamonds. You must remember that the purchase that you are making is not just of any jewelry or any item that can be returned when you wish; a diamond is not only extremely expensive, more than any other home appliance that you will possibly buy; it is also not very likely that you will be able to return the stone on account of its impurity or simply because it turned out to be of a lesser quality, or, in worst cases, absolutely fake once you have bought it. The problem of being a layman in this industry, you see, is not only that you will not be able to spot a counterfeit object if you see one; the problem also lies in the fact that even if you can understand that the item you bought is a spurious one, you are not likely to be able to prove the same top your dealer, simply because he knows his things better than you do, which automatically makes him much better equipped to find out the loopholes in your logic and prove you wrong.

If you are a complete novice in the buyer’s market of diamonds, it is most advisable that you get into the market with small steps, making the most cautious steps in the beginning while you get the feel of the market. His is called testing the waters, and it is most advisable that you withdraw if the waters prove too rocky with too many sharks at first. It is not advisable to waste good money in this market since it is not likely you will be able to retrieve the whole amount of you have been dealt spurious products. So, it is advisable that you first buy 1 carat diamonds before getting into buying the bigger ones. However, you must keep in mind that no matter what size you are buying, no matter how small it is, it must be of the most refined quality, so that there is no hassle in trading them off when the right time arises.

Of course it is not possible to learn all the nitty gritties of the trade and the stone itself as soon as you get into the market. However, even before setting foot in the act of buying a diamond, no matter what size and what price, there are a few things you must educate yourself about diamonds. These you can learn by looking about the internet a bit, and the best way of getting to know them would be to sit down with someone from the gemstone industry itself. These people will be the best to advise you about how to go about choosing the right kind of rock for yourself. These are absolutely technical terms, but it is mandatory that you get yourself acquainted with them as well as possible. These are known as the five ‘C’s in the diamond market, and are the five criteria that enable he diamond industry to categorize the stones into various types. These are Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight. The fifth one, however, is something that you should look for. Although given by the industry, this is for the main benefit of the customer, and is called the certificate.

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