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CISCO Products and its support

by bangaloredatacom

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The world has shrunk in the last couple of decades where one can virtually connect to any PC from any nook and corner of the world. The data that has been made available to common man is boundless. This is a major technology boon. In this race to always keep up with the pace of the technology changes, Cisco provides the cutting edge products to its client base. Be it in Telephone Networking or WAN Solutions or Security (both hardware and software) or Network Management or Optical Networking. You name it and they have the best products related to networking. Bangalore Datacom Pvt Ltd. provides a wide range of Cisco products locally in India and also supports their installation.

Network Management Services

Cisco provides IT Network Services to the clients by integrating cloud services and network embedded services. With cloud computing, it is utmost importance for a business to know who is using these services and what they do with the data. They provide this transparency with the controls required in the network. Network management products and services are also tailored for small businesses.

LAN Management Solutions

Network lifecycle management simplifies the configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting and administration of the cisco networks. The monitoring tool that comes out of the box proactively identifies and fixes the network issues before they could majorly affect the business. The built-in configuration tools help in upgrading the network changes as well. They also provide audit management of IT policies and ensure that the network is in compliance of the company’s business model.

WAN Products

Optimize your WAN to provide secure, reliable and high performance services to combine the data centers and branches within city, across states and even globally with the use of WAN products offered by CISCO. The Routers and Switches product base enables enterprises to consolidate their LAN and WAN services. They boost performance and provide integrated security services. It also enables to extend the existing network to support the latest cloud computing.

Access Control System

The demand for access control management has increased in the past decade. With complex policy enforcement demand in the corporations and enterprises, you can opt for Cisco Secure access control system. It provides solution to the various access control policies to different sections of the campus without major changes. The reporting of such access control is also available with an easy to use web based UI for your management. It improves the control across the domain and these are compatible with your existing infrastructure as well.

Storage Network Services

As an organization, there could be a need to migrate your data from one platform to another. This could be due to the reason that you have hit the end of cycle of the software or product, or your needs have increased and you want to move to the latest technology. Whatever the reason and however large or small scale it is, you can simplify the migration of data without affecting the service availability by deploying a SAN platform with Cisco Data Mobility Planning and Design Service.

Bangalore Datacom provides support for most of the <a href=""Cisco services</a>. They have been in this industry supporting and installing the networking solutions for over a decade now. They work round the clock to provide technical support for a wide variety of product and service base. They also have possess expertise in providing quality help desk support.

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