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Keep in mind the four C’s of diamonds

by kittyperry

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Any kind of a gemstone, even if it is a 1 carat gemstone, is bound to be a pretty expensive one. There is, in reality, nothing like a semi-precious gemstone, and these objects are only spurious items that are only passed off as gemstones. Therefore, if you are looking for a gemstone like a diamond, you must keep in mind certain rules before buying it. After all, a diamond, however small, is bound to be an extremely expensive purchase that needs to be taken care of with the utmost caution. The diamond industry itself has quite a few rules based on which it categorizes its diamonds. You cam learn about those rules if you look around for yourself a bit and a conversation with someone from inside the industry itself will be able to impart to you all that you need to know about the precious rock as a layman. Getting to know these rules and regulations by heart will enable you to make a fair enough purchase of a loose diamond or even a piece of ornament encrusted with diamonds.

The diamond industry makes use of various kinds of characteristics of he diamonds in order to categorize them into various types. There are, broadly speaking, four such characteristics that help the diamond industry to categorize the diamonds. These are called the four ‘C’s of the trade, namely, the cut, colour, carat weight and the clarity of the diamonds. There is a fifth C too, the certificate, but it is given by the industry after the four Cs are taken into consideration, and is then left to the buyer to judge. It is expected that the certification of the diamond should play a huge role in the buyer’s decision of zeroing in on the exact stone that he would like to purchase.

The clarity of the diamond that one is purchasing goes a long way in determining the price of the same. When he diamond is being formed from coal, the process of formation itself might leave traces of impurities within the crystallized carbon form. Of course, this is only natural, since the process is a natural one with no help from diligent artificial purifiers. The greater the numbers of impurities, the lesser is the brilliance and glaze of the diamond and the lesser the price. However, it is important to bear in mind that it is practically impossible to come across a diamond that is absolutely, one hundred percent free of impurities sine that would make its very formation a doubtful one. The carat weight of diamonds is also important in determining their price, although this possibly has the least influence on the same. As can be inferred by anyone, the greater the weight, the higher is the price. So, a one carat diamond is likely to cost the least among a range of diamonds that contain exactly the same proportion of impurities and is extremely similar in cut and colour. The colour of the diamond has also a considerable role to play on the price. The rarer the colour, the higher is the price. However, coloured diamonds are not much favoured since they are a sign of the presence of impurities and lack of clarity in the gemstone.

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