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Brisbane Beauty Salons: Types of Treatments Offered

by harrissymonds

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you know that during spa treatments and massages, the blood supply to our
muscles increases by around 50%? And if you think that this is the only benefit
of visiting a Brisbane beauty salon, read on.


beauty salons offer a huge range of treatments designed to meet the
requirements of diverse individuals. Although all spas boast some unique
features, it is better to choose the one that suits your needs the best.


Beauty Salons: Different Types of Treatments


are the various types of massages available at Brisbane beauty salons that you
should know about:


• Deep Tissue Massage – This type of
massage is beneficial for those who constantly suffer from joint and bone pain,
along with a tendency for deep muscle stress and tension. This massage uses
slow strokes with deep finger pressure that results in the discharge of harmful
toxins, thereby reducing the pain as well as the stress in the muscles.


• Medical Massage – This type of massage
solely works as a ‘pain killer’. With the use of trigger point pressure,
combined with a myofascial release, customers are benefitted by a reduction in


• Swedish Massage – Brisbane beauty
salons also offer the Swedish style of massaging. This massage uses long and
soft strokes of varying pressure, which act as catalysts in improving muscle
tone, blood circulation and flexibility of joints


• Sports Massage
– Are you a sports person? Many sport people experience muscle stress and
injury at some point in their sporting life. If you are vulnerable to such
stress or injury, this type of massage is perfect for you. A sports massage is
a combination of Deep Tissue and Swedish massage, and helps improve muscle
flexibility as well as body strength.


• Thai Massage – The special Thai massage controls the
muscles and joints by using techniques such as gentle yoga, acupressure and


•Muscle Meltdown – Whilst using moist heat packs
together with a unique Swedish massage, this form of massage proffers relaxation
to sore, tight and tired muscles.


•Shiatsu – This technique uses acupressure as a way
to reduce stress. Here, pressure is applied along the energy meridians in order
to help increase the overall energy and immunity of the body.


•Prenatal Massage – New mothers generally face
problems such as back pain, muscle cramps and headaches. The prenatal massage
offers help for such women, using an unusual table that provides support to the
belly. The nearest Brisbane beauty salon is the place you need to be if you are
facing similar problems.


•Reflexology – An extremely unique method, Reflexology
helps people through an increase in the blood and oxygen flow in the body. By
working on the pressure points of the feet, Reflexology provides extreme
comfort and relaxation, while fostering smooth blood flow.


is only an introduction to the types of massages you can expect to choose from
when you visit a beauty spa. In Brisbane, beauty salons have much more to
offer. Visit one today to literally do yourself a ‘world of good’ … because you
deserve it!


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