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A new hypnosis device from Australia used by Prime Counselin

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A new Hypnosis Device coming from Australia is going to be introduced in the European Market. At the moment is only used in therapy sessions by online counseling psychologists in Italy but it will be soon distributed all over Europe. This device consists of an audio visual headset and a compact, on board computer, equipped with an in-built screen and speaker allowing the operator to monitor the progress of the program while in use. The device uses hypnosis to treat chronic pain, anxiety, depression and is a cognitive pain management therapy that can be used in isolation, or in conjunction with traditional pharmacologic strategies. A short 20 minute movie designed to take the subject into an initial relaxed state, then gently drawing them into a deep state of hypnosis. The subject hears the voice of a qualified hypnotherapist while viewing synchronized vision and is gradually lowered into an altered state of consciousness.
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