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Labiaplasty: For Both Health and Cosmetic Purposes

by jenniferwest

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San Francisco, California was marked by Forbes Magazine as the second vainest city in the US--so the city is undoubtedly acquainted with plastic surgery. In this vain neighborhood, more than a hundred plastic surgeons offer services like face lifts, liposuction, breast augmentation and butt lifts. Some doctors also conduct labiaplasty operations for women for aesthetic and functional explanations.

The physical look of a female's labia commonly differs from small to larger ones--and this is natural. The size of labia could be genetic or something you're born with or it's shape has been modified as a result of aging or childbearing. Those who are uncomfortable about their genitalia prefer to undergo labiaplasty.

As the name suggests, labiaplasty describes the treatment of lowering the size of the labia. The primary rationale women go through this treatment is aesthetic. Nevertheless, a number of females do it for medical purposes, also. Labiplasty provides the labia a more uniform appearance, scales down soreness throughout sexual intercourse and reduces irritation in day-to-day activities.

Plenty of plastic surgeons labiaplasty patients favor specify that females select this procedure since the labia size makes them susceptible to infection. They feel substantial pain or hypersensitivity especially when wearing tight garments. In certain scenarios, having bigger labia can make females prone to urinary tract infection or UTI. While medical purposes are more typical, this does not make aesthetic reasons any less valid.

As expressed by labiaplasty surgeons, ladies who undertake this treatment are unconfident about the size of their labia and develop self-esteem troubles which impact their sex life and relationships. Just as males are open concerning sexual problems like impotence, women are, too. Those who have gone through labiaplasty state they had the chance to regain their self-confidence and now feel happier with their bodies.

If you want to speculate on labiaplasty San Francisco specialized surgeons carry out, go over your concerns with an accredited cosmetic surgeon. You can also speak with labiaplasty patients to hear a first-hand report of their experience. You can also examine before and after photos that are typically featured in web sites of qualified specialists. To get additional information on the matter, go to


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