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Furniture removalist Melbourne offers efficient removals Mel

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You’ve been envy of your neighborhood especially during summers where you play in the pool, but now its time for a move and you need to move out of Melbourne and you obviously have to move your swimming pool, you have had it done in such a way it can be transported.

A sunken pool if it is cannot be moved come what may. However, if it is a pool above the ground it can be moved. Whether you are using Melbourne removalists or Sydney Melbourne removalists you need to follow these steps to have it safely moved.

The foremost thing you’ve got to note is having a track on how to disassemble the pool or rip it apart. It is very crucial for it determines the ease with which it can be reassembled at the new place.

If you shouldn’t be sure of the steps to disassembling do not hesitate to jot them down on a piece of paper. You must have retained the packaging your pool had come so pack the parts that you opened into the same packaging it had come. In case you don’t have you need to buy some to exclusively pack the pool parts.

How to start? Drain the pool off of water and allow it to sundry. You can vacuum off the water or manually let off the water. Remove the accessories such as ladders lights, rails that may be attached to the swimming pool. Disassemble pump as well as filter system/s it has. Clean and dry all of the parts.

Now to disassemble wall of the swimming pool, you will need to open the ledge on top and the lining that encased the wall as well as top and bottom and upright plates. The liner could be reused if its not worn out but there are people who discard it and go for a new one that they install during reassembling of the pool.

If you want to reuse it, remove excess moisture from it, allow it to dry and then fold it and keep it in shade. Sun exposure may cause shrinkage of the vinyl so it shouldn’t be. Unscrew the bolts and then roll up the wall. Tape it around to secure it during the transit.

Once you have disassembled, pack the parts separately and carefully and box it well to carry it to the new venue. Do not put heavy load on the box to ensure the parts don’t get damaged during the transport. If you cannot do it by yourself there are many furniture removalists in Melbourne who you should call and get it done.


If you live in Australia and have plans of moving, you may want to check the website and contact the Removalists in Melbourne there to give a free estimate of your moving. The prudent and affordable Removalists Melbourne promise timely and safe removal and moving of your home or office. Those that are looking for a reliable moving service should look at the removalists Melbourne and pick them for they will never regret their decision.

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