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Regain The Youthful Appearance With Laser Hair Reduction

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Laser hair reduction is a renowned non surgical procedure which has been improved by new technologies and research. This technique is non-invasive to your skin and works conveniently with your body to remove unwanted body hair. Besides hair reduction, this laser procedure also works for tattoo removal, acne and pimple treatment, wrinkle reduction, etc.


How the laser hair reduction procedure works:


The whole work of this surgery is based on a low energy laser beam. This beam when focused on the, to be treated body part, penetrates the skin and is being absorbed by the hair follicles. This causes follicles to lose their growth capacity. Thus, with every laser treatment, a percentage of follicles lose their capacity  and get permanently disabled. A single laser procedure lasts for few minutes to few hours depending upon the area of the body involved in the treatment.


Why should I opt for laser therapy:


  • Gentle process which works on the unwanted body hair to give you smooth and everlasting beautiful skin.
  • Large areas can be effectively treated as it works on the more hair at a time.
  • Less pain with better results
  • Minimum downtime so that you can resume your activities soon.
  • Free you from general painful procedures like waxing, electrolysis and razors


Though, laser technique works for every individual and brings positive results, however, there are certain considerations to be kept in mind which could cause a variation in the end results.


  • Firstly, remember the technique gives better results with multiple sessions. If you are looking for results just after a single session,  you must look for other options.
  • Do not panic with the slight redness and swelling. These are just immediate effects and wither away with time.
  • Individual having dark pigmented skin experience less satisfactory results as compared to others
  • The therapy is very less responsive or sometimes not responsive for white, gray or blonde hair individuals.
  • You may have to use specially formulated skin care products or sunscreen on the treated, exposed areas.


How the procedure is different from electrolysis and IPL


Electrolysis is one of the oldest methods for the hair removal. This is a permanent solution for fine and light colored hair. The process causes 100% removal of hair and is effective on all types of hair. In a study conducted at ASVAK Laser Center in the year 2000, it was concluded that the laser process works 60 times faster, less painful and reliable as compared to electrolysis.


Intense pulsed light, though do not use lasers have xenon flash which emit full spectrum light. These IPl based methods are these days sometimes referred as laser hair removal.


Laser hair reductionworks for enhancing the personal appearance of an individual. However, it is of utmost importance that you visit a certified and authentic clinic for the same.




Laser Bella offers hair reduction, hair removal, tattoo removal, and so much more. For more info call us at 520-495-4059.

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