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Granite and Radiation: Truth Unveiled

by robbiemarinero

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A CBS report in 2009 called the attention of homeowners to the risk of granite countertops with an extremely unlikely and dangerous sort of gas: radon. While some were quick to confirm these anxieties, the granite market debunked them, claiming that they do not pose a risk to humans. Both sides really have valid points, and this write-up aims to explore them.

In 2006, Wellness Canada stated that a predicted 1,900 people died from lung cancer due to exposure to radon. In fact, one out of 10 lung cancer sufferers worldwide were uncovered to have been exposed to this colorless and unsmelling gas. However, experts stated it's not so much the traces of radon that's the complication, but the quantity being emitted from the granite. They also clarified that there are ways to mitigate the levels of radon and other noxious gases in the house.

The World Health Organization requirement for the low-risk level of radon in the house is set at 100 becquerels per cubic meter. Any level of radon that surpasses 300 becquerels per cubic meter must be a cause for serious worry. Granite can be checked by third-party testing firms to determine just how much radon the counter may be emitting.

While the granite industry acknowledges that granite has substances like radon and uranium, there's insufficient radiation to pose a health risk. Wellness experts have pointed out over time that the granite Ottawa homes have don't include adequate radiation to give you lung cancer. There is simply no source for worry.

In an interview with CBS, Stanley Liebert, quality assurance director for engineering screening firm CMT Laboratories, said there's a way to reduce the levels of radon. Initially, make certain that your granite Ottawa is tested to figure out the specific value of the radiation it gives off. Second, permit the air to circulate in and out of the house to let the really good air in and the bad air out. For testing, you might get a DIY radon test set or choose a qualified tester.

Read the article about this tale at or check out the Health Canada website at for more info. Rest assured that Ottawa granite countertops are safe for use in the house. Nonetheless, it's better to be informed than to be caught entirely offguard.

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