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Charleston South Carolina Houses

by anonymous

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There are many things to look for when considering buying Charleston South Carolina Houses. For decades, generations of buyers looked for generally the same thing. I say this because there are really only a few elements to Charleston South Carolina houses that have been important enough to make a buyer's must have list.


Whether it was in the 1960's, 1970's and even up until the recent 2000's, buyers generally looked for size, number of rooms, 1 story or two. You get the point. These variables stayed very similar through the years. Sure, the styles of these Charleston South Carolina houses have changed over time, but not until recently has there been such a fundamental change to discuss as being important.


What are these new changes? Great question. Here is a hint.


They are hard to see, but in the big picture, these changes can make a very noticeable difference.


While my riddling skills are not quite as good as my home selling abilities, I will try one more hint.


What has changed so drastically in the construction of Charleston South Carolina Houses over the last decade that one cannot see, but one hears about every day?


One last hint. Think color.


That is right! Green! Green is the new color of choice when it comes to owning Charleston South Carolina Houses. And while the general public typically thinks that a home has to have solar panels to be green, that barely scrapes the surface of the green movement.


Being green starts at the choices an owner makes about the home site. The exposure, keeping trees, prevailing breezes... These are all factors to bring into the conversation that can lead to energy management.


This then leads to the building envelope. How a home sits on the lot, how will the penetrations be treated. There are many decisions that can be made here.


So why do I riddle, “It is something you cannot see, but hear about all the time?”


Turn on the TV and I guarantee you will see commercials from corporations touting their green choices and how it makes their product superior to others. Well, this also goes into products used in the construction of Charleston South Carolina houses. This is an entirely new conversation consumers are having that have not materialized in the home buying process. Where do the materials come from? How environmentally conscious are they? Were they shipped from thousands of miles away? Are they local products? These are all questions entering the psyche of today's consumers.


Going green is a big part of a buyer's decision process, and until recently I thought only new homes could enjoy the benefits. After having researched how to make my older (mid 1960's home) more efficient, I now have a new selling tool should I decide to move. My recent home energy audit resulted in quite a bit of knowledge and just last week, work that I did that included: improving the insulation, making the envelope of my home more efficient, conditioning my crawl space and numerous other things to save money I would have never thought of when considering older Charleston South Carolina houses.


So when considering looking at Charleston South Carolina houses, look for some of the things you cannot see. They can make the biggest difference.


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