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Review of Ice Age - Continental Drift

by anonymous

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People are always looking for consistent and honest reviews of various movies that thrill and interest them and the review of Ice Age- Continental Drift movie is not an exception at all. A lot of people who haven’t watched this movie yet are meddling about the differing views coming out in the open about this kid’s movie. Some people who have had their review of Ice Age-Continental Drift has stated that it’s just an average one; while others defended that it is one of a kind film that anyone shouldn’t miss.

Though we all have different points of view in terms of movies we like because of the unique being we are, sometimes uniformity of insights help critic a movie accurately and truthfully. The movie Ice Age-Continental Drift which was released last July 2012 is a sequel of the Ice Age 3; Dawn of the Dinosaurs. From a child’s perspective, this animated planet of animal’s themed movie is really very appealing. The stunning and vibrant 3D effects helped deliver to the kids and other audiences’ the lively, dynamic, and risky adventures of Manny, Sid and Diego.

The three has found new escapade on a floating iceberg and was drawn away from their family and friends. They set the ocean as new playing ground where they met some new characters that made the journey more fun and worthwhile. However, from an adult’s viewpoint, this best kids movies has really nothing much to offer aside from the eye-catching effects. One review of Ice Age-Continental Drift also pointed out that the action and fun found in the movie did not make this animated movie any better. It also lacks the wow factor and even some humors did not seem funny enough to be remarkable and make the audience laugh out loud.

Additionally, unlike other top children movies of 2012 that are full of lessons intended to educate the kids, this movie has no extraordinary lessons that kids can delight from. So far, there have been several discussions whether we can get another installment of Ice Age. Albeit the criticisms and negative feedback this movie has received, it is still likely that Ice Age movie fanatics will get the fifth episode shortly after sometime. Whether you are an Ice Age fan or disbeliever, you can give your honest review of Ice Age-Continental Drift that would help others make their own standpoint about this movie.

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