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KVM Switches and Cables: Vital Parts in Rugged Computers

by lancevartanian

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Rugged computers are often termed ruggedized computers since they are computer units that possess an astonishingly sturdy body. Rugged computers look rather bulky, yet this is only due to their tough case, which is usually made of aluminum. Even the anti-reflective LED displays are protected with a material that can not easily be cracked or even penetrated by water.

Those working in industrial and military sites normally rely on rugged computers. Ruggedized computers for military use are typically more durable than those used for industrial purposes, though developers and distributors of rugged computers and their parts produce parts of similar quality. Here are several of the components a ruggedized computer-- specifically, the bigger models that may or may not be installed on walls.

Rackmount Chassis

Many ruggedized computers are installed on a rackmount chassis. This structure keeps in place the different parts and servers. A rackmount chassis appears like a heavy-duty metal shelf in which one would normally install a DVD player. But instead of players, multiple motherboard systems can be put in a ruggedized computer.

Rackmount Server

A rackmount server is often found in one-rack partitions; a rack unit comprises a single component put in a single shelf of a rackmount chassis. These units are designated 1U, 2U, 3U, and so on, as a way to identify the number of ports that can be used in a single unit. These ports can determine exactly how many servers can be hooked up to the computer. These servers may be used with more than one operating system, necessitating a KVM switch.

KVM Switches

KVM means kernel-based virtual machine, which enables users to manipulate a computer that runs on more than one operating system. Concurrently, a KVM switch makes it possible for users to run any number of computers and operating systems. Bigger KVM switches can have as many as eight interfaces. A KVM switch is as big as a rack unit, and may be installed on a KVM drawer.

KVM Cables

To conclude the ruggedized computer setup, KVM switches must have compatible cables set up. Cables like these are extremely heavy-duty but pliable. Despite the fact that it would take significant force to breach their protective covers, it is still best to arrange them in thick conduits. For further information, see

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