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Gym Trainer on Workout Options & Fitness Singles

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As a researcher, people need to go to different sorts of places and interview different kinds of people. In the fitness world, there are a number of facts and fallacies that need to be dispelled and for the same, a researcher from a famous lifestyle magazine had to visit a local gym and discussed more about it with a gym trainer. Below is an extract of the discussion -


Researcher: Hi, How are you today? I hope I'm not disturbing you. Can we have a few minutes; I would like to ask you a few things related to health and fitness.

Gym trainer: O yes please! No you aren't disturbing me; it's a pleasure being of help.


Researcher: Very well then, tell us something about the relation between health and exercise.

Gym trainer: It would sound cliché but the fact is that gym is the best way of staying healthy. It's not simply because I'm a gym trainer that I'm saying this, I actually believe so. This is the one way in which you can lose excess body weight and gain muscle strength. This in turn helps to be healthy and free from the risk of a number of diseases.


Researcher: The new culture of working out with a personal trainer or with fitness singles, what do you think about them?

Gym trainer: The simple truth is that you need motivation to work out. The gym trainer definitely puts in some strength and technique to your workout, which would promise better results. “As far as gym partners are concerned, more and more people are joining into this league, simply because they don't want to sweat all alone, it’s a healthy company that leads to great workout”.


Researcher: So true. So what sort of activities can one do besides gym to lose weight and to stay in the best of health?

Gym trainer: “Oh! there is no end to it”. These days, there is a host of activities that one can take part in. If you are sick of running on the treadmill, you might like to try different innovative activities or adventure sports such as bungee jumping, hiking, mountain climbing, paragliding, swimming, dog-walking, Pilates, aerobics, dance, swimming and so on. “There is a wide range of stuff people can choose from, and this means there won’t be a single minute when one would be bored and loathe the workout.


Researcher: All right! That seems really interesting and cool. Tell us how we can find the perfect gym partners and locate the best gyms in the vicinity.

Gym trainer: “Well first things first, just come to me! “Jokes apart, you might visit a number of gym websites available that have services for not simply locating the ideal gym for you, but also one can easily find people with similar interests there and they might prove to be ideal gym partners as well”.


Researcher: Thanks a lot for this wonderful insight that you gave us. It will be really helpful for the readers and they shall surely benefit from it.




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