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Rare and Expensive Natural Pink Diamonds Growing in Populari

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A diamond has always been the
favored jewel of the elite. And these days, it is the pink diamond, a very
expensive and rare stone. At almost 185 carats, the Darya-i-Noor is reputed to
be the world’s largest pink-colored diamond. Earlier, the colored diamonds were
considered flawed, but the scene has changed now, with the colored diamonds
becoming the craze among the celebrities and the socialites. The pink diamonds are
thought to add an extra touch of femininity, beauty and elegance.

The unusual pink tinge is acquired
by the diamond as a result of the crystal’s ‘plastic deformation’ that happens
when the diamond is being formed. The world’s supply of diamonds that are
naturally pink is very low. The color of a diamond can be altered by certain
treatment processes. Therefore, quite a few of the diamonds that are sold as
pink-colored are in fact, enhanced or altered, not natural.

Most of the natural pink-colored
diamondsin the world are produced
in the famous Argyle mine in Western
Australia. To exploit their monopoly in the
production of pink diamond, Argyle
promoted and marketed these diamonds aggressively and built up a healthy demand
for them. An impetus was provided by the craze for the gem among the
celebrities. Who hasn’t heard of the six carat pink-colored diamond engagement
ring given by Ben Affleck to Jennifer Lopez? It set up a huge trend for this
diamond in the wedding industry. Together with red diamonds, the high quality
pink has become one of the costliest natural diamonds in the global market.

Well, the popularity and rarity of
the jewel makes me want to own a pink diamond. What do you say?  

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