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Important Considerations to Help You Make a Wise Decision

by nannielivingstone

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Children are born without any teeth, and their toothless smiles often melt the hearts of countless folks. Yet adults in Salt Lake City and elsewhere are likely to look barely comely if they have missing teeth. Consequently, if you're seeking a dental treatment to recreate a whole set of pearly whites, dental practitioners in Salt Lake City are most likely going to make you pick between dentures and dental implants.

Dentures, also referred to as prosthetic teeth, are a standard method of filling in missing teeth; in addition, dentures have been in use way ahead of dental implants. Meanwhile, dental implants are part of the latest solutions ideal for people who suffer from missing teeth. Listed here are some points of comparison between dentures and implants that you may wish to think about:

Component or Production Techniques

Several hundred years ago people used dentures of hefty ivory, while implants were created from exoskeletons. Fortunately, contemporary dentures are made from cast metal, flexible plastic, or acrylic in the base and porcelain or polymer for the teeth portion. Dental implants, in contrast, are made from titanium, a kind of durable metal that is bio compatible.


In case you choose false teeth, your dental professional will probably schedule several appointments between 3 to 6 weeks. Within that duration, jaw and tooth impressions are created, dental structure is evaluated, and casts are produced. Meanwhile, despite the fact that embedding implants into your jaw bone takes place within only a day, the process of the bone integrating with the titanium screw takes anywhere from 5 to 8 months. Salt Lake City dentists likewise have to make sure that you have an intact jaw bone and healthy gums to serve as a steady base for the implants.

Convenience and Cost

Although dentists Salt Lake City citizens consult can create soft dentures from flexible resin, be advised soft dentures still don't enable great biting functions as opposed to natural teeth. In addition, dentures have to be constantly fine-tuned due to regular gum and bone changes. Conversely, dental implants are fixed in place and are capable of functioning just like the tooth or teeth that are missing. Nonetheless, the superior comfort and top-grade components of implants make them costlier than false teeth.

Regardless if you settle for the reasonable prices of dentures or the reliability of dental implants, there are a number of reputable dentists in Salt Lake City who can instruct and assist you. In the long run, what you should aim for is the rehabilitation of your lovely smile and your confidence. For further details regarding this topic, check out

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