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The Perks of Modified Bitumen in Commercial Roofing

by penelopedingee

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Bitumen is another name for asphalt, the gluey semi-solid product that created much better roadways, not to mention tarmacs.. Since we're living in a modern era, you undoubtedly know just how things work: by including far better and contemporary technological devices, the outcome is an even better product. This instance is demonstrated with a product for roofing named modified bitumen (MB).

So, what's the "modified" part pertaining to this roof material you normally see in grocery shops? MB is in fact the mix of bitumen and polymer matter, resulting in a much more sophisticated shield than regular asphalt. 2 typical add-ons to MB are atactic polypropylene (APP) and styrene butadiene styrene (SBS). Right here's how polymer can make asphalts much more efficient.


Artificial polymers are known for their resilience, as revealed by some of the things plenty of individuals take for granted like ABS plastics. Besides that, bitumen alone could turn brittle if you give it a long time to be exposed to the harsh climate, particularly the UV rays. MB offers you the best of both worlds: the reduced price of asphalt as well as the longevity of artificial polymers.


This bitumen isn't used similar to how road laborers do it; rather, they are rolled on a roof like a red carpet. MB consists of unique textiles that assist to keep the polymer material in place, resulting in its preliminary look as a rolled product. Since roofing contractors simply roll these things on the roof, MB makes roofing much easier and much more advantageous.


One significant advantage of MB is that it can be utilized with other varieties of commercial roofing products, especially built-up roofing. Two to three heaps of built-up roofing plus an MB cap layer is regarded as a hybrid system by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). A lot of commercial infrastructures get this kind of commercial roofing Downers Grove roofing companies give due to their adaptability. Nonetheless, the NRCA advises MB quality to adhere to existing benchmarks.

Long life

With polymer in the mix, MB is able to last for years, requiring only little routine maintenance on your part. Even when this Downers Grove roofing is exposed to extreme climate, it will still maintain its neatness as well as resilience. What's more, cold adhesive and torch application makes sure that the MB stays with the roof.

For more info on MB and why it's well-liked with commercial buildings, visit the NRCA web site at If you would like to get started on installing MB for your requirements, residential or commercial, talk to your local roofers Chicago residents count on.

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