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by roxietenner

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The ready-made curtains offered in Philadelphia home improvement stores usually come in limited selections. As such, the specific shade or style you want may not be in their inventory. For this reason, it is a lot better to have your drapes personalized. Sure, you may end up paying more for the personalized work, but you'll undoubtedly be happy with the outcomes.

To have your drapes custom-made, first choose a textile or product. Depending on your needs, you can decide to have lightweight or heavyweight material. Lightweight, light-colored material will permit a great deal of the sunlight in, while dark and heavy fabrics will keep it out. Summer seasons in Philadelphia can be incredibly warm, so it would be wise to set up thick curtains during this season to maximize your air conditioning unit.

Winters, on the other hand, are often moderate. If your windows are insulated, then you can install sheer drapes in winter season. Still, Philadelphia can encounter heavy snowfall every now and then, so it's good to have heavy drapes on the ready, just in case. You may also want to have weights to the edges of your drapes to keep them hanging straight.

You can do the drape customization yourself, if your skills are at least decent. The first thing you must do is cut the cushioning material three times as much the window's width. Then, sew three-inch hems on the bottom edge and sides of the drapes. For the top, insert a piece of sturdy interfacing before stitching another three-inch hem for rigidity. This keeps the pleats up when the drape is placed on the curtain rod.

Next, mark the sheet with a sewing chalk for custom drapes Philadelphia window treatment contractors use on the spots where you like the pleats to be. To form the pleats, fold three little segments and put them one on top of the other, then stitch the folded areas together. Make sure these three folds are looking out: you now have a curtain pleat.

Keep on creating these folds along the top of the curtain, making certain they are of similar sizes. Don't space them too far apart since that would decrease their beauty. Typically, pleats for custom drapes Philadelphia locals look for are separated at 4 to 6 inch intervals.

There are many experts at customizing drapes and upholstery Philadelphia residents can get to produce a beautiful window treatment for their house and new furniture for their furnishings. If these are within your finances, then you can have them make customized drapes for you. This way, you'll be assured of a good custom job. For more strategies on how to make pleated curtains, go to

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