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Vinyl Panels: Durable Exterior Claddings in Style

by daniellebailey

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As with the rest of the United States, sidings are a common feature in most Connecticut homes. They are the building materials installed on house exteriors. More than just providing aesthetic value, they protect the property by shielding their exterior sheathing from water and other elements.

During America’s colonial period, wood sidings were the usual choice for exterior cladding; their natural elegance and beauty made them the ideal cladding material for America’s early settlers. The fact is, at the time, no other alternative materials were available to compete against wood sidings. However, as the housing industry became more developed, aluminum, steel, fiber cement, and hardboard all came rushing to the fore.

But the most interesting newcomer was vinyl. Although vinyl sidings had a rather unremarkable start in the market, by the 1970s it was already going toe-to-toe with aluminum in the home construction industry. To date, vinyl sidings account for over 30% of the new construction market and some 95% of the re-siding market. Here are some reasons why Connecticut residents are turning to vinyl sidings:


Vinyl sidings are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins. In places with cold climates like Connecticut, vinyl sidings are the perfect choice, as the incorporated acrylic resins makes them more flexible. To deflect the sun’s UV rays, titanium dioxide is added, making vinyl panels highly resistant to fading and deterioration.

Minimal maintenance

When selecting a siding Connecticut locals prefer vinyl due to its minimal maintenance requirements. For instance, vinyl sidings don’t need to be repainted; to clean them, all you have to do is to use soap and water. Just remember that if you are cleaning with a pressure washer, you must avoid aiming it upward to prevent the water from seeping behind the siding. However, it’s relatively easy to replace a vinyl in the event that it sustains damage.

Styles and colors

On the aesthetic side, it’s important to establish an appropriate color combination between the sidings and the rest of the structure. Fortunately, the vinyl siding Connecticut retailers have in their stores are available in just about every color you want. They come in a wide variety of hues, styles, and thickness. Compared to aluminum or wood panel (where the color is limited to the surface), vinyl sidings have colors that go right through the thickness of the panel.

As a homeowner, you would naturally want to clad your house using the best possible siding material. In that case, try the high grade vinyl sidings CT residents are currently installing—and you wouldn’t have to worry about major replacements for the next 50 years. Learn more about this product at

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