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How to train your child to be a genius kid?

by anonymous

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As soon as the child is born every parent thinks that he will be the most intelligent boy who will bring all kinds of trophies home. To have a brilliant kid is every parent’s dream, but they should realize that this dream can be achieved with proper care and guidance. Many parents pressurize and compare their children with other children of their age which ultimately result into loss of confidence in them. It is said that even natural athletes without training are defeated by average athletes with a good coach. The key here is parental guidance and support. Parents should take care of following things if they want to train their child to be a genius kid in the future.

  • Time – Children should be taught time management from early years of life. This includes proper activities to be done in free time. Not wasting time in watching TV or playing too much of video games. This will leave them will less time for better activities like dancing, drawing, painting, etc.
  • Learning abilities – Reading is one of the best ways to learn and know about different things in world. Children should be given books to read right from the age of 3yrs, these can include descriptive books with pictures and with growing age books can range from simple reading to comprehension reading. This habit will make them learn and quickly pick information off the page, hence leading to self exploring and self learning. All parents should push their children to read from an early age to turn them into genius kid.
  • Games – All kids love playing games, but it’s up to parents to decide which games will help them grow intellectually and leave them with a good mental exercise. There are number of free educational online games available for different age groups to choose from. These are categorized like math games for logical thinking, shapes and color games for creativity skills and simple puzzles for some geographic knowledge.
  • Confidence building - Every parent should motivate their child to improve whether they are playing games or reading a book. This can be easily done by challenging their previous scores achieved; it will generate a curiosity in them and push them to achieve better results.

All the above factors if followed properly with love and affection will turn your child into genius kid overtime. Proper parental guidance and support are the key factors to achieve and improve IQ levels in kids of every age.

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