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College financial planning is important for a bright future

by anonymous

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 Higher studies are becoming more and more difficult due to high admission fees across the globe. Many students are not able to pursue their desired subjects due to lack of financial help and in turn look out for lower fees courses to complete their degrees. Their dreams are never fulfilled and they are forced to choose unwanted career options in life. This can be avoided with proper college financial planning from early years. Both parents and students should contribute and plan wisely for their educational needs.

Most of the college level courses take an average of 2 to 4 years to complete. This is a long time and students require financial aid to fulfill their needs like books, stationary, research work, travelling, etc. One should always prioritize their options and education should be a top priority in every student’s life. He should be made aware that four years of college can cost thousands of rupees to accomplish the degree course. Many parents face a difficulty during admission time and struggle to gather enough funds for the admission process for their child. Private colleges and institutions are charging higher fees and it becomes more difficult for an outstation student to survive for these years with increasing expenses like food, room boarding, admission and travelling.  This can be managed with proper college financial planning from the start like applying for student’s loan, availing scholarships and educational funds. Parents should invest in their child’s education fund as early as possible to help him realize his dreams in life. On the other hand, students should also contribute and save for their higher education plans from early years.

Paying for college is a family affair, parents and students must save together to make college fees affordable. There are three ways of paying college expenses first - is that the parents can save enough for college expenses, before their child enrolls. Second- parents can take students loan from the banks, which come with lower interest rates at the time the child is getting enrolled in the college. Third- way is to apply for different scholarship programs and avail financial aid by performing well academically. Many people use a combination of the three ways; they save as much as possible meanwhile the student can prepare for scholarship tests. And, even if the fees seem higher they can apply for students’ loan to get admission in the desired course.

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