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Latest range of bicycles available in India for a lifetime

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Cycling is a popular means of transport in India especially in the rural parts. Many young Indians have started exploring the world of cycling and even made it an everyday practice to cycle for hours to stay fit. It is now widely used in metro cities mostly to keep oneself fit and healthy. Many reputed cycle companies have launched latest range of bicycles in India and their modern accessories to make riding a fun experience. Indian market is quite competitive and a good response is seen from the consumers in the cycling arena for these accessories. Many executives, bureaucrats and government employees are buying bicycles and prefer cycling to work these days. There are different types of bicycles available in the market to meet different needs and tastes of every age group. Some people like racing, some like the speed element, while some are in to flaunt the cool accessories which come with them. Following are the few basic types of bicycles in India available for cycling enthusiasts-

  • Standard bikes-These are old fashioned bicycles, still used in villages and rural parts of the country. These are without gear and single speed bicycles. These are good for leisurely riding around the town where there are no serious hills and obstacles.
  • BMX bikes-These are mostly used in cycling competitions and races on professional course or trails. These are usually single gear bikes with broad tires.
  • Road bikes-These are high in demand and are grouped on the basis of performance. They can be used for normal road cycling, touring as well as racing.
  • Mountain Bikes-These are specially designed for tough conditions and hilly regions. They are packed with features like stable handling, higher handlebars, and knobby tires for upright position.
  • Tandem bikes-These are recently launched bicycles in India. They are also called partner bikes which come with an extra seat and set of pedals for two people to ride together.

These are the basic types of bikes available in Indian market for cyclists to explore. Some companies are also giving some amazing bicycle accessories like solar head and tail lights, lightweight helmets, kneepads and side bags to enhance you’re cycling experience.

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