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Paging Systems: Improving Restaurant Management

by pathanewadler

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Grumbling stomachs, fidgeting hands, long frowns, and a temper like a ticking time bomb—all of these make up a starving customer at a restaurant experiencing poor customer service. Leaving good-paying customers unattended is considered a crime in restaurants as it can significantly affect the establishment's reputation. For that reason, restaurant owners are advised to use pager systems to deal with every customer's need.

Pager systems are used in many restaurants today to reduce waiting time and turn more tables; help restaurants locate waiting customers swiftly and efficiently; develop customer service and satisfaction; and reduce the number of customers that walk away. There are three basic types of pager systems used: waiter paging systems, customer paging systems, and push button paging systems. Each has its own specific use that can contribute to the restaurant's efficiency. Here's a quick rundown of different restaurant paging systems:

Waiter Paging Systems

Customer service relies heavily on a waiter's efficiency to cater to a customer's needs. Waiter paging systems are designed for improving communication between the kitchen and serving staff on the dining room floor. That way, waiters will immediately know when to pick up an order from the kitchen, when there is a vacant table and a customer is about to leave, and when customers require service.

Customer Paging Systems

Guests are given pagers so the staff can alert them whenever a table is ready during busy periods in the restaurant. Doing so provides customers the opportunity to wander or shop around the vicinity, or even savor a drink with some snacks at the bar to keep boredom and starvation away. Guest pager systems are available in a wide range of variations.

Push Button Paging Systems

Push button pager systems consist of a small button, which is placed on the diner’s table. These are used by customers when they require service. Push buttons eliminate the need for customers to call a waiter's attention just so that they can ask for an extra spoon, a napkin, or other things. This way, the needs of every customer is met in a timely manner.

Restaurant managers will benefit a lot from using pager systems. It's definitely a hundred times better than calling a customer's name over an intercom or shouting over the din of a jam-packed lobby. Browse the Internet for a list of providers and experience the difference in your restaurant management.

Customer service is one of the wheels that keeps a restaurant running. Pager systems can help you maintain high quality customer service, which helps retain existing patrons and attract new ones. Log on to for more information on restaurant paging systems.

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