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Tamil Audience Talk on Tamil Cinema Industry

by anonymous

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Cinema industry is one of the richest platform industries in Tamil Nadu. From the last year Tamil cinema industry faces several problems. What are the problems? The main problems are FEPCI and with the producers. When a film gets flop the film producer of low budget movies get big loss than they estimated. This is happen due to the FEPCI employers demand on their salary with bonus. They have no contribution to solve the issue. The famous director Amir joins with FEPCI group and he vows the statement of producers. In 1980 the producers and employers were working without any issue on this. According to the today cinema, the employers demand bonus for every film, even the film gets flop. The whole team of entire Tamil cinema tries to solve this issue as soon as possible. Many films shooting get stopped due to this issue. The director of those movies and producers are in sad. Even it affects the début heroes and actress of the movies. The outline is the committee not involves the problem. The audience does not like this and they have much respect with the Tamil cinema. When a leader making mistake, it will affect all the employers under the leader. The leaders should be genuine to get this matter solve. The people are eagerly waiting for the release of the Actor Vijay’s film – Velayudham. T his film shooting also spoiled due to this. <a href="">Actor Vijay</a> has large number of Tamil fans. They are all in sad due to the shooting delayed. They are waiting eagerly to see this movie in Theatre. Even they booked the tickets also. Totally there are tem Tamil movies affected by this matter. They filed a letter with the Government to get this matter done soon. Actor Ajith said with Vijay, he loves to see the Velayudham film. He promises Vijay that he wants to see the movie with the whole family. This indicates they are great friends. Last week both Ajith and Vijay fans crashed in Thirupur. They are all warned from the club of Vijay fans and Ajith.


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    This is awesome. <a href="">Actor Vijay</a> is next super star.

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