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What is stress,

by Clasch33

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A man stops to raise an autostoppeuse in his car.
She is beautiful and young!

Suddenly, the maid faints in the car and the man goes to full speed to admit to the hospital. 
This is STRESS... 
At the hospital, it was announced that she is pregnant and we congratulate the man who will soon be "papa"! 
This is STRESS... 
The man said that he is not the father and he does the same not aware...
But the maid says that he it is well, Dad! 
Then, the STRESS increases the stakes... 
Then, the man requested a DNA test to prove that he is not the father of the baby.
After the result, the doctor said that the man is sterile, probably since birth. 
Then, he is not the father of the baby!

He is relieved, but stress is because on the way back to the House, the man suddenly starts to think that he has three children... 

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