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Carbon Fiber CF3 Flycam Stabilizer Steady Rig for Video Came

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At the time of taking professional video images for movies or, for commercials, people need to find out quality video cameras that can be controlled easily as well. Now, there are various companies in the market which are selling such kinds of video cam handling system which is better known as camera stabilizer, but, there are not many which are as good as that of Proaim. Recently Proaim has launched the new CF series stabilizers for cameras. Now, among the various products of the CF series, the CF3 flycam stabilizer is considered as the best till date. It is a low weight stabilization system that is built up with carbon fibers and it is used in a handheld mechanism. However, due to its very low weight of just about 3 kilograms, one will not feel any trouble holding it. It offers swift and nice video capturing even when you are moving. This handheld camera stabilizer offers balancing of cameras of weight up to 5 lbs, which is really very effective when you are using professional video cameras. This camera stabilizer doesn’t come with cameras, and you can use it without any needs of dolly, sliders or, tripod.

The all new CF3 handheld camera stabilizer has an easily adjustable platform of the camera that can move by front to back and also in both the sides. Thus, you can regulate your camera quickly even when it has been set up in the stabilizer. The weight discs in this flycam stabilizer are not fixed and can be set as per your choices and thus allow you to have a dynamic control over your camera. This Carbon Fiber handheld camera stabilizer allows complete panning of 360 degrees and the booming with this stabilizer is unrestricted as well. There are different mounting slots in the camera base. The mounting as well as the releasing of cameras from this flycam stabilizer is very easy with the quick release button. It comes with a foam grip, and thus it becomes very soft and easily handled. The process of setting up this all new Proaim CF3 camera stabilizer is extremely easy and the process can be completed in just a few minutes. The stabilizer has a height of as long as 25 inches which is really useful when you need to take video from a high angle. The cost of this stabilizer is not very high at all, and lies with 450$ US which is really very low for such a high quality product.

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