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Lower Your Nicotine Consumption via Electronic Cigarettes

by shalaohms

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Based on the latest survey carried out by the United States Census Bureau, the planet is presently populated by 7 billion
individuals. Out of that number, around 1.1 billion individuals are tobacco smokers. Can you imagine how much money tobacco producers rake in? Tobacco use is a vice that produces more negative than positive effects. It could give you lung cancer, damage your taste buds and smell, pass carcinogenic secondhand cigarette smoke to your loved ones and take away at least five minutes of your life with each stick. Could it get any worse?

Surprisingly, it may actually improve. By "better", it means that there's a all-new type of cigarette stick with way fewer hazardous health effects. In case you're a tobacco user, you have quite possibly watched it through ads or heard about it from pals. Yes, it's the cool and trendy electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. It may sound like a gadget a cyborg would probably smoke; but in fact, it's an encouraging innovation that's creating a buzz among smokers and smoking cessation specialists alike.

What’s an e cigarette?

Unlike regular tobacco cigarettes, e cigarettes are battery-operated gadgets with a nicotine cartridge, atomizer, water, flavoring as well as propylene glycol. It's made to closely match a normal cigarette, so you'll still have fun with the smoking experience sans the tobacco, tar and acrid smoke from a traditional cigarette. You got it right—e cigarettes do not need tobacco, won't discolor your teeth, and will not stink up your outfit. Here are a couple of more of its main advantages:

Fewer Compounds, More Years to Live

E cigarettes are less harmful to your health as opposed to tobacco-based cigarettes. Despite the fact that clinical investigation is still ongoing, the mere fact that electronic cigarettes don't include any tobacco and tar means a cutback in over 4,000 chemicals present in tobacco cigarettes—approximately 69 of which are carcinogenic. Electronic cigarettes usually have only around 3 to 20 compounds, subject to each manufacturer as well as your choice of concentration.

Where There Is Smoke Vapor, There's No E-cigarette

Since an e cigarette doesn't depend on the concept of thermogenesis, there's no oxidation and secondary smoke involved. Several seconds after you take a drag and breathe out, the propylene glycol is aerated to appear like smoke. The vapor discharged is odorless, thus it produces no awful odor to adhere to your hands, clothing and in your vehicle. As another benefit, you will never have to annoy non-smokers with the smell of smoke either.

Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

An e-cigarette kit can cost from $30-$50. A set of conventional cigarettes, which are able to last you a day, has an average price of approximately $5, while an e-cigarette refill, which can last for 10-15 days, is priced at $2. Do the numbers, and you'll eventually see that e-cigarettes are cost-effective investments that at some point pay off. If you want to browse more relating to e cigarettes, you could log on to

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