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Sedans versus SUVs: What Edmonton Residents Should Know

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“I want to buy a car for the family, but I don’t know which one to buy. I want a big sedan, but my spouse is leaning more towards an entry-level SUV. The problem is, sedans of that size usually cost the same as entry-level SUVs, which makes the price concern very unhelpful in making a decision. I don’t know what to do.”

This is a common problem that most Edmonton residents face when they have to buy a car for the family. Fortunately, because this is a common problem, there are a lot of people who have gone through the same thing and can give you a lot of advice on which type of body style to invest in. So if you walk up to other family men in the neighborhood, they’ll give you advice along the lines of the following:


The importance of height to a driver depends on your driving style and your desire to be above or below other drivers. Because sedans have a lower step-in height, they are considered easier to maneuver. They are also easier to park in enclosed parking garages because of lower clearance requirements. SUVs, on the other hand, are much higher—giving you a birds-eye-view of everything around you, which gives your car a commanding presence.


Sedans have a more executive aura about them, making them perfect for dads who need to drive them to work. SUVs give off a more rugged feeling, which is perfect for families who like taking drives to the Canadian wilderness.

Passenger Capacity

Studies conducted in Edmonton state that families here have a lot more kids compared to other provinces in Canada. Packing three or four kids in a sedan can be hard work, but SUVs offer a larger seating capacity compared to most sedans. When you start looking for an auto Edmonton Hyundai dealers will often recommend the Santa Fe SUV, as it can seat up to 7 people.

Towing Capacity

Most Edmonton families like going out during the weekends to places by the lakes or in the mountains. You might need to tow a boat or a trailer for this. A sedan would have a hard time towing either of that, but an SUV will do just fine. But if you really like towing stuff, car dealers Edmonton has would tell you that you might want to consider trucks.

Whichever body style you go for, just remember to work only with reputable car dealerships Edmonton residents recommend. For more information, you can visit

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