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Document and copy protection software courtesy of LockLizard

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It has become quite easy for both individuals and organizations to protect their documents with the vast amount of copy protection software available in the market. Copy protection can be used by corporations as part of their document protection strategy to prevent illegal use and duplication of their data.Data security is a major concern for all organizations and individuals with files and documents that are prone to piracy, plagiarism, illegal distribution, and copying leading to breaches in data security. Loss of confidential data can cause immense damage to the reputation of an organization and even loss of business. It is therefore necessary to have a file and document protection system that makes sensitive data protected and secure.

Nowadays, watermark and password protection are easily compromised since watermarks can be easily removed in paint packages and passwords can be easily shared or cracked. These document protection features are therefore not reliable to protect sensitive data. However, some copy protection software uses public key technology to avoid the use of passwords and prevents modifying and use of unprotected content so watermarks cannot be readily removed. Your document protection is therefore always enforced.

LockLizard copy protection software enforces DRM controls and uses US Government strength encryption. This software has the capability to protect pdf files and documents, flash video and audio, html web pages, portals and websites, images, flash e-learning courses and software applications. The software ensures that it is only the right holder who can make use of the data even when a copy is made. This is because while it is perfectly rational for the owner to make use of copies there is no good argument why other people should be able to use copies when they have no rights to them.

It is important to note thatLocklizard copy protection software cannot stop people from making copies or from achieving perfect copies.  However, there is a difference between making copies and being able to use them.  Licensing controls form part of the copy protection measures and ensure that only authorized individuals can use protected information. LockLizard document protection is therefore effective in both controlling access to and use of your documents.

LockLizard state that the ability to use a copy is more critical than the ability to make copies (you cannot stop people from making copies of your files but you can have the ability to control the use of those files by preventing unauthorized use). Therefore, if you want to achieve document protection, you need to purchase a system that does not use passwords and provides persistent security no matter where your files are stored or copied to.


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