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The beauty of Estonia

by glenbrado

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Estonia is quickly becoming one of the hottest places in the EU to visit. Not only because it is a great place to visit, it has a huge coastline boasting great fishing, as well as some great countryside in which to relax, but it is also home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. Estonia is one of those small countries that produce lovely women. Neighbour to Latvia and once being under Russian rule, you can imagine what this has done to the genetics in this place. With Tallinn becoming a great place for English stag nights to take place; it is no wonder why men want to take a little slice of Estonia home to Blighty with them. You may not be ready to be nailed down in an inter-racial marriage just yet, but Estonian Escorts will be the balm you need to fight the pangs of yearning to return to Estonia. Various websites have a countdown of the 10 hottest women to come out of Estonia. As we have never heard of any of them this is really no help to us. However it does illustrate what there is on offer, whether you leave the country or not. At present Estonia doesn’t seem to be suffering too much from the Global Economic Crisis, however as part of the EU there is no doubt that there has been at least a small trickledown effect. With people scrambling for everything they have to put in savings, the cost to get to Estonia for a debauched weekend has slightly gone up. The travel there isn’t too bad, if you want to catch the Eurostar or maybe a sleeper train to Helsinki then travel on from there, but then you have to factor in food, accommodation, all the usual treats that you want to have on holiday. Once you start doing this the cost really starts to sneak up on you. This is why Estonian escorts are a great idea. You can have the experience of living a debauched weekend, but right here in the comfort of London. Who could ask for more than that? With summer fast approaching you may want to stay away from the hustle and bustle, so, we suggest you hole up with a gorgeous Estonian escort and bide your time. You can wine and dine at home, you can watch DVDs, you can get to know each other intimately, anything you want to do your Estonian goddess will provide. Only one catch, try not to refer to her as ‘Baltic’. Estonian’s hate this term, so if you must refer to her place of origin you are safer to call her Nordic. Take it as a tip from me to you, this way you get off on the right foot and she will be willing to treat you all you like!

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