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Match clothes and colors with your personalized style guide

by liyo89

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Choosing an outfit is more than just random selection. Irrespective of current fashion trends, there are a whole set of fundamental dress rules that guide you on how to dress stylish. These rules take into consideration both your body shape and your complexion. Points such as your eye colour, skin tone and curves all need to be carefully considered when designing your look and learning how to shop for clothes and how to combine clothes properly for your body.


These rules are not affected by changing tastes, and were as applicable now as they were 100 years ago. These rules do also allow you to adapt your style as your body undergoes changes such as a new hair colour or diets that affect your body shape. If you can build your wardrobe around these rules for color matching clothes, not only will you look great whenever you step out, you'll also be able to successfully combine many items to create a look that matches your personality and mood with ease and confidence.


Many style guides for women can give you an idea what this seasons colors and styles are, without any consideration to the shape of your body or your natural complexion. This is a huge mistake, as garments that suit one body shape may not enhance, and can even detract from a body with a different shape. Be wary of these promotions, as they won't always give you the look you're after.


Further to the style and design of the garments in your wardrobe selection, having not only the right colors but also the right combination of colors is important to getting amazing outfit choices from a modest set of clothes. This comes down to color science - a well researched and studied stream that crosses the boundaries of fashion, art and psychology that determines how color interacts to create visually pleasing effects.


Color science, body shape and personal image analysis is a very involved process. Rather than spending many hours doing this all yourself, why not use tools offered by Coat Rack Harmony to instantly compile a list of all garment types and colors that work best for you. This service is offered for free, and best of all covers all of the details covered here.

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