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Culture of Call Centers and the Business Process Outsourcing

by soniaroody

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There are countless stories of people being offered credit card loans and obscure services by people who seem to call in the worst times. The callers are good at being so persuasive to the point that others get fed up and berate them on the phone. These are a new breed of professionals who endure the dissatisfaction, even the ridicule of customers to enable their clients to improve on their service.

These professionals are called call center agents. A call center agent is sometimes known as a Customer Service Representative or a Customer Service Associate. They work in a call center or an established company with an in-house call center division. A call center is responsible to make and receive calls from the customers of their clients during the day or even on a 24-hour shift.

Most countries have call centers, and the US is no different. However, other centers have found that outsourcing their call centers is less expensive than operating them locally especially if they have a more global clientele. Some companies also opt to hire a call center to handle customer concerns than to operate one in-house.

Call center agents, as in the cases of off-shore call centers, work in the night shift to address the differences in time zones between the center and their client’s customers. Most of these agents are patient and proficient workers who answer and end calls politely even if the caller is not as well-mannered. To them, the saying, “The customer is always right.” is like a mantra.

Agents of call centers are different from regular employees in some respects. They receive relatively good benefits and good pay, and also have rather relaxed rules. Also, call center agents are known to dress, act and relate differently with other professionals or their colleagues. This is because they absorb the nature and culture of their company.

Most call centers are part of the growing Business Process Outsourcing or BPO industry. BPO companies serve overseas clients but hold office locally. This relocation is due to the economic recession. They serve those companies who seek cost-effective ways to maintain their businesses and outsourcing is one of these options. This enables them to cut operational costs.

With the diverse industries that benefit from call centers, it has become a strong industry in most parts of the world. It has provided customers a venue to air their dissatisfaction over faulty products and poor services, and have also allowed concerned companies to work on these problems. For more information on call centers, you can read or

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