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Ingersoll Rand Compressors- An Ultimate Air Solution for Mod

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Like electricity, natural gas and water Compressed Air is also considered as one of the major utility in today’s industry. Nowadays, compressed air tools are commonly used in almost all workplaces. And it plays an important role in every one’s life on a daily basis. From shaping of plastic bottle to cabin pressure in planes, compressed air serves as either visible or invisible in our daily life. It can be used from industrial and manufacturing industry to commercial and even personal purposes.

Selection an air compressor unit that suits you the best for your specific needs is so easy from now on at Equipments and Spares. As a distributer of Ingersoll Rand air compressors and dryers, Equipments and Spares engaged in offering different types of air solutions across South India. So meet different types of Ingersoll Rand air compressors i.e., from small reciprocating compressors to large reciprocating compressors; small rotary screw compressors to medium rotary screw compressors and oil free rotary screw compressors; refrigerated compressed air dryers; compressed air particle filters; andlow pressure blowers at Equipments and Spares. The complete ranges of air compressor models are designed for optimum performance. The company has also come up with the industry’s best solutions like compressed air systems, tools, pumps, material and fluid handling systems to meet the customer’s specific requirements. These models are high on performance as well as durability.

So grow with the technology and experience complete array of Ingersoll Rand air solutions such as high quality compressed air, dryer tools at Equipments and Spares, those are designed to enhance customers’ energy efficiency, productivity and operations.

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