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The Appropriate Type of Counter

by robbiemarinero

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Are you wondering how to make your cooking area in your Ottawa residence look more classy|How do you make your cooking area look considerably better}? If you specially love preparing food, then one response worth taking into account is a countertop. On a number of occasions, your kitchen area counter could even be the centerpiece of your residence.

It's likely you'll find similarly outstanding countertops in many houses in Ottawa, a city proclaimed by its good quality of living. This is one reason that for the 3rd straight year, MoneySense announced that Ottawa is the most beneficial community in Canada to reside in. Given that lots of people in Bytown can afford kitchen countertops, there are bound to be options that will make it quite tough to choose which type to go with. Here are four of the most typical ones available.


Ceramic kitchen countertops are heat-resistant and easy to mount, even all on your own. Remember that these tiles are susceptible to scuff marks, and may even nick or fracture if not appropriately cared for. You could opt for the low-priced and normal ceramic tiles, or pick the more costly hand-painted or custom ceramic ones for a more classy appearance.


Marble kitchen countertops are a more costly choice, but simply have a more classic look. They are vunerable to unsightly stains due to their permeable makeup; yet they can be simpler to clean than granite countertops. Similar to their ceramic cousins, also they are resistant to heat, enabling you to place a cooking pot of newly-cooked broth on it without having problems. Marble kitchen countertops can endure beyond 70 years if well maintained.


Granite countertops Ottawa typically provides are as well uncomplicated to clean up if they ever become stained. Depending on the style you select, these kitchen counters can be more affordable than marble ones, and are just as heat-resistant. Granite also has a traditional appearance, and is also found in different colors. Being sturdy rock, granite should last a very long time.


Natural quartz is a popular counter choice due to its exceptionally smooth surface. Quartz countertops Ottawa or any metropolis has are often more costly than your standard ones around, but only because they’re denser than marble and granite. Quartz kitchen countertops can bear high temperatures and weight strain without being damaged, and their significantly less permeable property cause them to be less susceptible to unsightly stains.

While there are more selections for countertops out there, the ones described here must help specify your choices. Ask your neighborhood provider of countertops Ottawa has, then make your decision. You can also find out more about kitchen countertops on and

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