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What Blogging for Business Can Learn From Fantasy Football

by anonymous

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If you’re participating in one of America’s newest pastimes (fantasy football), you should be able to easily grasp some key concepts of blogging for business.

The first concept that can be applied to both blogging for business and fantasy football is working a few weeks ahead. If you’re blogging for business, you most likely don’t have a lot of free time on your hands on any given day. You’re either blogging for your own business and therefore have a business to run first, or you’re a pro blogger juggling a bunch of clients. Either way you can’t leave managing your blog or your fantasy football team to the last minute. Whether you’re scheduling your blog posts or setting your fantasy football lineups, working a few weeks out gives you a better chance of not having to scramble at the last minute to have your blog post or lineup in place.

The second concept that is true for both fantasy football and blogging is don’t work too far out in advance. You wouldn’t want to set your lineups for the entire season before week one in fantasy football. Too many things can change. Injuries can happen and players can have breakout seasons. Likewise, things can change with your business and in your industry. Working too far out may be a waste if you’re going to have to redo your work because of changes with players, teams, your business or your industry.

Thirdly, you want to review your blog posts right before they go live and your fantasy football team right before game days. You might find that you need to make minor last-second changes to both your fantasy football lineup for the week or your blog post. Also, you may be in a different frame of mind from when you originally wrote the blog post or set your lineup for that week. Looking at both a fantasy football lineup and a blog post in different frames of mind can help you make better decisions with more perspective.

And the last analogy I’d like to draw between fantasy football and blogging for business is that keywords are like players on your team. If you’re receiving traffic to your blog from a keyword phrase that wasn’t originally incorporated into your blog strategy, it’s like seeing a player perform well that isn’t currently on your team. Just like you want to trade for that player or pick them up off the waiver wire ASAP, you also don’t want to sit on a keyword that’s performing well and not incorporate it into your keyword strategy. Likewise, if you began blogging with a keyword phrase that isn’t bringing in traffic and isn’t performing, don’t wait too long to cut bait. It’s just like drafting a player in fantasy football that you thought would do well, but then disappoints. Hanging on to an underperforming player is bad for your fantasy football team and clinging to an underperforming keyword isn’t doing your blog any favors.

So, with all this in mind, I have two questions for all you readers out there to answer in the comments below. One – How’s your fantasy football team doing so far? And two – How’s your business blog doing so far?


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