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Many people are self-conscious of not having beautiful legs with flawless skin. One main reason for this can be due to spider veins. Spider veins mainly occur in woman and can really affect the natural beauty and attractiveness of the legs. This may make them feel that their legs are unsightly and blemished by problematic veins. Due to embarrassment caused by spider veins, women don’t like to show their legs and may even stop themselves from wearing a swimsuit that reveals their discolored and swollen veins in public.



There are many ways of helping to erase the swelling of veins and returning the discolored veins to their original form. Of these solutions to spider veins by far the best one is laser spider vein removal. Laser spider vein removal gives woman the option of being able to show their legs off in public without having to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. Laser treatment is a class of medical practice that is a great solution to spider vein problems without the use of any surgery, needles or incisions.



Because of laser removal the procedure of removing spider veins is safer and faster than any other treatment. Because laser treatment does not require any cuts or the use of anesthesia, people it is a feel it is a much safer way of treating spider veins. The painless technique of laser treatment is more precise and accurate and does not burn your skin. Laser removal time will depend on skin type, severity of veins, as well as the technician doing the procedure.



The result generated from the use of laser treatment have proven to last longer and are almost permanent. Long exposure in sun light may lead your skin to be damage, so it is suggested that people use sunscreen protection when undergoing laser spider vein removal treatment.



For more information on laser spider vein removal or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kim, please call Bellagio Vein Clinic & Med Spa at (480) 788-5621, email or visit

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