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Pakistan to be renamed Terroristan

by anonymous

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Pakistan has been a state sponsor of terror for over 30 years. First it used jihad and mujahideen against the Soviets in Afghanistan during 1979-1989. After the Soviets left, Pakistan suddenly realized that mujahideen had been very effective in throwing the Soviets out of Afghanistan, therefore it was possible to use the same mujahideen against India in Kashmir and other parts of India. From 1990 onwards Pakistan used the mujahideen against India in Kashmir and in other parts of India. Pakistan assisted the Afghan Taliban to power in Afghanistan and made them the ruling power by its direct assistance during 1991-1996. During the time of Taliban rule in Afghanistan (1996-2001), the Taliban hosted Al Qaeda and throughout had the aid and advice of Pakistan’s ISI. After 9/11 (2001), the US and Allies had to resort to direct invasion of Afghanistan to throw the Taliban out of power. The Taliban and Al Qaeda were ousted but their leaders, notably Mullah Omar and Osama bin Laden, took refuge in Pakistan. Mullah Omar went on to form and lead the Quetta Shura and lived for long years in Quetta: he is probably still there or elsewhere in Pakistan. Osama bin Laden shifted from house to house to throw his pursuers off his trail. US SEALs finally located and liquidated him in Abbottabad, a major military establishment of Pakistan. Osama bin Laden was traced through the cooperation of several people including Dr Shakil Afridi. Pakistan itself played a double game throughout, especially under the leadership of Gen Musharraf. Osama bin Laden was responsible for the death of thousands of American and other nationals in USA and elsewhere. Hence, to assist in tracking him down was a noble task in the best traditions of love of humanity, for which Dr Shakil Afridi should be remembered always with gratitude by the rest of the world. It is only Pakistan which has gone on to put him on trial and to convict him for treason, which means that assisting in the support and protection of this scourge of humankind was a national interest of Pakistan pursued by Pakistan assiduously for long years until 2 May 2011. The US expresses its debt and appreciation to Dr Shakil Afridi and shall remember him always with gratitude. At the same time, the US shall remember the leaders and government of Pakistan as compulsive supporters of global terror, of which Osama bin Laden was a prime expression.