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Building a Cordless Power Tool System

by anonymous

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One of the major benefits to cordless power tools is that most manufacturers make tool-only versions of their products, which are available without batteries or charger. These are much cheaper to buy, and mean that you won’t be swamped with batteries and chargers for every tool. Having purchased a full cordless product including batteries and charger, a cordless power tool system can then be built up of additional, compatible, body-only tools without incurring the cost of batteries and charger every time an addition is made.


Given the wide choice of manufacturers, voltages and battery chemistry available in today’s market place, there is sure to be an option to suit everyone’s budget. From DIY users looking for the cheapest way to get the job done to the most demanding tradesman looking to invest in the latest technology and get the best possible performance, just doing a little research will find the best tool system for you. Most people know all the good DIY brands, but a serious DIY-er will appreciate and benefit from the increased power, durability and quality of finish given by professional tool manufacturers such as Bosch Tools and Panasonic Tools.


The cordless power tool most people choose to buy first is usually a drill. These days there is a wide variety of options available to suit all types of user, from basic DIY enthusiasts to professional tradesmen. Anyone looking to buy a cordless drill will soon discover that there are two main types of drill available which offer different options, and deciding which type is most suitable to your needs is the first decision to be made.


Drill drivers are usually two-speed and offer the option to drill materials like wood, plastic and metal. With the added feature of adjustable torque control, this type of drill allows accurate driving of screws into different types of hard and soft materials. Combi drills have all of these features plus hammer action, which makes the tool suitable for drilling holes into brick and masonry using carbide tipped drill bits.


Once this choice has been made there are a number of other key factors to be considered, including manufacturer, voltage (which increases in stages from 9.6v to 36v), and the battery chemistry, which could be Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride or Lithium-Ion, the current market leader.


While the immediate requirement may only be for a drill and would be looking to build up a system later on, it is worth considering which tools you might decide to buy in the future. Most manufacturers of cordless power tools offer drill drivers and combi drills within their range, but not all extend their range any further. Before a final decision is made it might be worth looking at the other tools in the chosen manufacturer’s range and the degree of compatibility which exists between the various models. Making the correct choice at this stage is the most cost effective first step towards turning your cordless drill into a cordless power tool system.


Batterytechnology advancements in recent years mean that the range of power tools available in a cordless option has never been greater, and most types of tool already available in mains format are available. There are even some types of tool which are unique to cordless.


One of the first cordless tools to appear after drills was the saw, including jigsaws, circular saws and reciprocating saws. Having a cordless variety of these tools makes it possible to cut all types of material quickly and easily where no mains power is available. Then, the drilling and screwdriving function of a drill was expanded to include impact drivers, impact wrenches and SDS-Plus drilling machines with cordless grinders, shears and lighting devices all proving to be genuine problem solvers. Amongst the woodworking tools also available in cordless format are sanders, planers, nailers and multitools. Inspection cameras have recently become amongst the first tools which are only available in cordless format.


On the face of it, deciding which type of cordless drill to buy may seem fairly straight forward. However, if building a kit of cordless tools has an appeal then taking the time and trouble to look a bit further into the available possibilities might pay dividends time and again in the future.