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Jobs in Wind Energy

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For workers interested in new careers wind power provides an opportunity to be part of the growing demand for alternative sources of energy. Education and training can open the door to jobs in factories that build turbines to installing, operating, maintaining and repairing them in the field. Skilled workers are vital to the success of wind power energy production because the turbines are complex machines and made up of many different components.

Jobs in clean energy are part of the “green economy” that is expected to create many new employment opportunities. Wind energy is the fastest growing sector in the renewable sector. The United States has enough wind resources to generate electricity for every home and business in the nation and companies are looking for trained workers to meet the demand for clean, renewable, and domestic energy.

Public, private and nonprofit sectors of the economy offer clean energy jobs. These can range from entry-level to professional positions. Job training in wind energy can be the first step in career development because after some experience in the field, it can lead to other opportunities such as in technical/engineering, sales, marketing, management, finance and regulation.

The major employment opportunities in the wind energy industry are in manufacturing, project development, and operation and maintenance. Jobs will be available to people with a broad range of education and training as the need for skilled workers expands. Jobs in clean energy demand developing the hands-on skills that are required by the industry.

Manufacturing Turbines Employment Opportunities

Jobs in the production of turbines require the skills of machinists, computer-controlled machine tool operators, assemblers, welders, quality control machine tool operators, assemblers, welders, quality-control inspectors, and industrial production managers.

Turbine Service Technicians Opportunities

To prevent turbines from having parts failures, it requires the skills of service technicians to inspect them and provide regular maintenance. Job training in wind energy teaches technicians how to diagnose and fix any problem and keep the turbines in working condition. It requires knowledge of all the electrical, communication, hydraulic and computer systems.

On the job the turbine service technician should be comfortable with heights and being confined in small places. Some jobs are located offshore as well. A technician may be responsible for as little as one turbine to hundreds on a turbine farm.

The expanding wind power industry offers many different kinds of job opportunities and a wide choice of geographical locations to educated and trained workers.

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