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Court Reporters Can Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury

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Court reporters in Phoenix know that while court reporting rates high in terms of personal satisfaction, the job can also be physically strenuous work due to repetitive activity, particularly while sitting at a stenotype machine. One of the risks associated with court reporting is the possibility of developing a painful Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in the back, neck, muscles or hands. RSI is a factor that Phoenix court reporters have to consider, especially with regard to disorders that can occur in the neck and shoulders due to repeating the same motions over and over again. Bad posture is a chief contributing aspect of these kinds of injuries, as well as poor ergonomics, which means using equipment in such a way that it puts unnecessary stress upon certain areas or muscles of the body.


People such as court reporters should especially be concerned because the job description includes sitting for long periods of time, repeating the same movements. If care isn’t taken to develop an optimum posture and to use one’s equipment in the correct way, suffering RSI can be very painful and take a long time to treat. Depending upon what area of the body has been injured, court reporters in Phoenix working either in a courtroom or in some other context have experienced a variety of disabling symptoms. These may include constant or chronic pain, or the feeling of muscle groups or other areas of the body tingling or becoming numb. Without care and treatment, injuries particularly to the hands can cause extreme damage and be so painful that the person suffering from the RSI will lose the ability to type or perform his job function at all. Others complain of intense pain in their arms, shoulders, neck and back.


Phoenix court reporters should exercise extreme care in posture and the way they sit, the distance between their hands and the keyboard of their stenotype machines, and learn techniques for relieving their bodies of tension or stress. Suffering from the pain of an RSI is difficult to endure, but it could lead to loss of a career as well. It is therefore important not to neglect a proactive decision to prevent injury and, if injured at some point, not to endure symptoms while ignoring their cause or refusing to begin any kind of treatment. Court reporters should also take advantage of breaks to flex and bend various muscles, and to do whatever they can to prevent the onset of RSI.


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