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Balsamic Vinegar- What You Need to Know

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Italian balsamic vinegar has been the staple in most Italian homes for several centuries. It is commonly used around the world as a marinade and salad dressing. You can also use the same for dipping the bread with the olive oil.

In every respect, balsamic vinegar tastes great and has several nutritional advantages that can never be
overlooked. It is low in saturated fat and sodium and the major portion of calories present in this product usually comes from the sugars. It enjoys a rich history and can well be used to enhance flavor of grilled fish, eggs, steak, fruits like pears and strawberries. Interestingly, it must be known that
it is no vinegar in its general sense.

There are 3 kinds of balsamic vinegar found in the market, including the commercial grade, artisan authentic grade or aceto balsamic traditional and also the condimento grade that can normally be available as a blend of the commercial and traditional product. There are other varieties available in the market, including the sherry and fruit vinegars. These vinegars would be perfect for adding in as one gourmet or as meal gift.

The traditional balsamics are also called aged balsamic vinegar. Now aged balsamic vinegar can be
more than 75 years of age and offers a sweet and smooth taste like honey. Additionally, the traditional balsamics are sweeter and less acidic than that of the commercial grade balsamics. It appears in purplish brown color maintaining a syrupy consistency.

Earlier, balsamic vinegar was also used for several medicinal purposes. But, these days, it’s found in refined state and is more or less used in food preparation or cooking. The traditional balsamic vinegar can also be used to dress the salads and to go with the antipasti dishes. You can use it in cooking to enliven the pastes, the sauces and even the mayonnaise.

The best part of balsamic vinegar is its longer shelf life. It is recommended that these products must be stored in temperature around 4 to 30 degrees centigrade. However, you don’t require refrigerating
such products. These products can well be exposed to air, but, they can cause the solids of the products to filter out.

Balsamic vinegar in its true essence highly complements white meats, red meats, game etc. However, it must be added to the cooked food especially at the end of the food preparation, otherwise it may lose the significant aroma.

Nowadays, food related gift items are in fashion. The gourmet gifts are increasingly popular. You can include Italian balsamic vinegar, olives and olive oil in the gourmet food hampers. In this regard, imported balsamic vinegar can be your choice as well.

When there are a variety of products to choose from, it won’t be difficult to find out the best kind in the market. There are many specialist retailers those who are knowledge to provide you information relating to the imported balsamic vinegar or so on.

Last but not the least, you can even customize the hamper in terms of countries and regions to add in some cook books and recipes that add in a special touch too.

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