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Cosmetic Dentistry – the Mother of Miraculous Veneers

by NewYorkDentists

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The world of dentistry has seen some revolutionary changes in the twenty-first century. Gone are the days when one used to wince at the thought of a visit to the dentist. On the contrary, walk in to any cosmetic dentistry clinic in New York and you will be met with overbooked appointments. A Cosmetic Dentistry NYC specialist provides dental treatments for countering dental flaws aesthetically. With the rising awareness among people, it is quite common to find many considering the miraculous results of dental veneers.

In the section below, we have focused on the various aspects of dental veneers -


  • Dental Veneers were originally discovered by a Californian dentist. However, the veneers constructed by him did not remain attached to the teeth and fell out in a short span of time.


  • Veneers are used in cosmetic dentistry to enhance aesthetically the shape and the appearance of the teeth. These appendages are constructed either of dental porcelain or from composite material. It has been found that porcelain is an ideal material as it does not stain as much as the composite material.


  • Veneers can last up to thirty years, if an individual maintains good dental hygiene along with regular checkups with the cosmetic dentist.


  • Veneers can be used over a single tooth or a group of teeth in order to cover flaws such as chipping, breaking and staining. Those having worn out edges and even permanent greying in some areas of their teeth can get a makeover with the help of veneers.


  • After a cosmetic dentistry NYC professional ascertains that the veneer is ideal for a candidate, he/she prepares the teeth for the veneers. This preparation is in the form of shaving of the enamel of the teeth that is equal to the thickness of the veneer.


  • After the preparation stage, the dimension of the teeth is taken in order to fabricate the veneers. The veneers are then adhered to the tooth/teeth with the help of dental cements and are cleaned in order to remove any superficial debris.


A Cosmetic Dentistry NYC clinic provides advanced dental procedures and to know about them, makes a visit to for further details.



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