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Increased Pressure on Chicago Gangs Will Have Some Looking f

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Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy has vowed to hold responsible all gang members for the violent actions of one. In his efforts to crack down on criminal gang activity, McCarthy will no doubt see an increase in arrests in known gang areas which will increase the numbers of those who will be seeking the services of a Chicago criminal defense lawyer.


Many superintendents have focused attention on heavy gang areas over the years, but McCarthy is in it for the long haul, reports Chicago ABC affiliate WLS-TV. For example, the Humboldt Park neighborhood has long harbored the Maniac Latin Disciples street gang, but there has recently been less criminal gang activity and a decrease in violence with the increased police presence, according to one area resident.


Sgt. Felipe Reyes, of the Chicago Police Department, relates that if known gang members are loitering on street corners, the police are doing street stops. Whereas there were 156 reports of gang activity in the second half of 2009, 2010 had 144, but the same period in 2011 had only 56. So police believe that the gang is feeling the heat and laying low.


Police believe that arrests of 1,800 of the approximately 2,750 local members of the Maniac Latin Disciples has also been key in reducing criminal activity, and they are working with prosecutors on closing the revolving door that has seen some gang members back on the streets within days of arrest. However, if some of these gang members are going free, it may be because they are not guilty of any criminal acts. This is where the help of a good criminal defense lawyer in Chicago is crucial.


Reducing criminal activity is, of course, a laudable goal, but it cannot come at the expense of arresting and incarcerating innocent people, regardless of their perceived involvement in an area gang. When an innocent person faces a criminal charge, it is important to the very nature of our judicial system that quality competent legal representation be available in the form of an experienced criminal defense lawyer so that the individual’s rights can be upheld and justice can truly be served.


Anyone facing a criminal charge has those same rights whether they have been picked up for gang activity, arrested for DUI, or charged with a theft—each person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. A good criminal defense lawyer can help to maintain that innocence and clear the good name of the person in question.


If you have been charged with a criminal offense in the Chicago or surrounding areas, you need the assistance of a quality criminal defense lawyer to help you to navigate the court system. Contact a Chicago criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible and begin building your defense today.


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