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Need to know before buying heavy duty truck

by liza009

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Buying a used heavy truck always carries many risks – there is no guarantee that the heavy truck is accident-free, has the real mileage,and was maintained properly. There may be many areas of concern before you make your investment.

Here are five things to check out before you buy a used heavy truck:-

You may want to check out the heavy trucks history records before you put any cash down. While a used heavy truck history report will not give you a 100% guarantee that it will be perfect, it would give you some indication as to how many owners, where the heavy truck was registered, mileage and a whole lot more. Before investing thousands of dollars it is worth getting as much data as possible regarding it's past history.If you find that the heavy truck has been in any type of accident, you need to either pay a reduced price or move on in your search. There are thousands of accidents that occur each year, the odds that the heavy truck you are ready to purchase may have been in one. You need to be sure to go over the used heavy truck with a fine tooth comb for any signs of a collision. If it was not reported, it will not show upon the vehicle history report.The engine of used heavy trucks you are looking to buy, should be inspected thoroughly. If you are unable to do this yourself, get a qualified mechanic to inspect the engine, you never know how well the previous owners maintained the engine. Let’s face it, the engine is the life line of any heavy duty truck and is well worth the cost of checking for problems. Along the same lines you need to check out the transmission, driveline and the clutch. Replacing one or both may be a very pricey repair on any heavy duty truck. You need to acquaint yourself with the signs of possible problems, or have it checked by a mechanic. It is illegal for used heavy truck owners to roll back odometers and make them appear to have less mileage, most experienced heavy truck mechanics can tell if a truck has had more use than the odometer says.If you are purchasing a newer heavy truck that has a digital odometer,it is impossible or more difficult to hide the heavy duty trucks true mileage.

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