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The Variables that determine the Perks of an EKG Technician-

by manhattaninstitue

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The last few decades have seen an increase in the rate of heart diseases due to unhealthy lifestyles and other stress inducing factors. These rising cases of heart diseases have also triggered a greater demand of EKG technicians. An EKG is an acronym for electrocardiograph and an EKG technician is a medical professional that performs an electrocardiograph. The rapid expansion of the health care industry has resulted in the evolution, awards, benefits and enhanced opportunities for an EKG professional.


The average salary of these jobs may range up to $ 60000 in a year and in some cases may be as low as $22,000 a year. Various factors determine the compensation package or salary of a technician. The section below discusses these factors in details as continued from the part-I of the article -

Demand & Supply - The economic principle of demand and supply play an important part in any profession. It has been estimated that the industry for the EKG technicians in the United States is bound to grow 26% by the year 2016. In today’s times, a greater demand for EKG technician is working in the favor of those who are looking forward to these opportunities. In addition to this, the instances of heart disease have been on the rise that has just added to the demand. 

Economy - Today the global economy is at an all time low that may affect the spending habits of the various medical facilities. Medical facilities may offer lower compensations to its workers that may even include EKG technicians, as a standard cost saving methods.

Experience – Like every other profession, an EKG technician is generally given a better compensation if he/she has a prior experience in the respective field. The experience just adds to the expertise of the technician in performing various complex electrocardiographic procedures, such as the Holter monitor and the stress testing. Therefore, an individual should work towards gaining a considerable experience while looking forward for a higher compensation.

To be an EKG technician is a rewarding opportunity in the ever-expanding healthcare industry and a proper education would make all the difference. Visit for further details.

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